August 7, 2020

Building a Reputation

Building a Reputation

Running and maintaining a Stake Pool is my bread and butter, but marketing it much less so. Somehow I need to stand out amongst all the other pool operators, or at least be noteworthy enough to attract delegations to the pool. Having delegated stake is the only way to produce blocks in the Shelley Era of the Cardano Blockchain. When a Pool mints blocks, it yields rewards for everyone who delegated to that pool.

Last night I had a look at Daedalus, the wallet software for Cardano. So far 771+ pools have been registered on chain, which is a looong list for delegators to scroll through and land on a pool of their liking. It would be naive of me to sit back and hope that I just happen to get delegations from simply being on that list. So I thought why not reach out to Charles, the CEO and Founder of IOHK, and ask if he could give the pool a shoutout. He often helps out Stake Pool Operators on his twitter so I sent him a tweet, and he retweeted it a minute later! 😊

Lovely! lot's of eyeballs on it and hopefully some traffic into the blog. Our delegated stake has remained the same over night, so unfortunately its not the magic answer, but it's still a step in the right direction.

Thanks Charles for the retweet.