August 8, 2020

D-Parameter Decrement Set back an Epoch

D-Parameter Decrement Set back an Epoch

In a video posted by Charles on his youtube channel, he explains that the d-parameter change will be pushed back an epoch, mostly to allow exchanges a chance to fix kinks in their infrastructure.

What does this mean?

Well not a lot really. It means Stake Pools won't be producing blocks as early as this evening which was initially planned. There will be another 5 days of Byron era blocks being created, which will allow for some catch up time for exchanges, and also allow Stake Pools a bit longer to accumulate stake.

Some in the community are upset with this announcement, but that's to be expected.  I would've personally liked for D to start decrementing today, but these things happen and I'll be able to use this extended period to try and get some delegations to the pool. I've been working tirelessly on the site to provide meaningful content for stakers, hopefully that will yield some support. We'll see 🤞.