August 15, 2020

Epoch 211, a Moment for History?

Epoch 211, a Moment for History?

Epoch 211 will no doubt be one of the most exciting epochs Cardano will ever see. As mentioned in my previous post, this epoch is the first ever where community pools are minting blocks on Mainnet. Stake-Pool Operators are watching their pools tentatively, in the hope that they are awarded a block in the lottery proportional to their delegated stake in the system.

There will no doubt be a certain prestige attached to a pool that mints a block in epoch 211, as almost everyone in this space has extremely high prospects for Cardano. It has the potential to disrupt not only finance, but voting, identity and self sovereignty, and the prospect of this is not lost on it's operators. By creating a block in this epoch, operators will have an immutable stamp like a flag at the top of Mount Everest, showing that they were there when it all began...when Cardano became decentralised.

As well as the prestige that is earnt from minting a block in this epoch, a Pool is likely to get off to a flying start if they can secure blocks early on in the process of decentralising Cardano. This is because Daedalus, the Main Wallet for ADA holders displays Stake Pools based on their rank in the system. Therefore Pools that are minting blocks from epoch 211, will see their rank increase and therefore Pool visibility in the wallets will be high.

Pools are ranked in Daedalus based on performance. 

Most Stake-Pool Operators are taking to social media, to express their delight and gratitude at minting a block.

Rick's a well known member in this space, notably from the Cardano Effect Podcast.
Markus has been around supporting Cardano for a long time. I took part in his Guild Members PRTG ITN Testnet where he was meticulous at providing valuable feedback.

A Token from Charles

Along with the prestige and notoriety of minting a block in this epoch, Charles announced that he would personally fund a reward of some kind for those pools that mint a block in the first epoch. This might be a form of merchandise, or coin perhaps that is verifiable, that a qualifying Pool can claim as a token of good will. One can imagine in the future that such a token, will be of great value to it's owner. I have great respect for Charles and his team for doing this.

An example token from cryptoextreme

What About LINUX/GOD Pool?

With the D-Parameter being only 0.9, it's not a given that a pool will mint a block in this epoch. With only 10% of the epoch blocks being made by Stake-Pools, and roughly ~5.5million required to reliably mint a block... many Pool Operators are left praying that the lottery is good to them. We are in that position, so our chances of planting a flag pole in this epoch are slim, so it might be the hillary step for us. We're just over 1/3 of the way through the epoch though, so there's still plenty of time.

Finally a congratulations to all of those who have minted blocks for this momentous occasion. SO many deserving people have poured a lot into getting here, and it's been a fun ride to experience with you all. I truly mean it when I say that this community is one-of-a-kind.

Let's keep this snow ball rolling shall we?