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LINUX Pool is a stake pool operating on the Cardano network, set up and run by me, Richard Courtman. I'm a 32 Year Old father of two, and I have great aspirations for the utility that Crypto based assets will bring us in the future.

I firmly believe Cardano will be the most prestigious cryptocurrency in the years to come. Therefore I think it's fully worth investing my time and money into learning and developing on this platform. It's for these reasons that I've set up a 0% fee pool, to try and attract delegators who are after the highest returns on their investments, in the hope that I can build a community who trust in my operations. Hopefully from there I can build a reputation to support a second fee'd pool

Although many disagree with 0% fee pools, the fact of the matter is that with 700+ registered stake pools, competition is rife. The best way for me to compete in this network is to lower the barriers of entry, and build a reputation from there. If Mainnet is anything like the Incentivised Testnet, Pools that are well setup and managed will have their chance to flourish. Once I get that chance, I'm confident delegators will like the way I run my pools.

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