August 4, 2020

Node Metrics

Update* (02/04/2021)  I've restricted access to these for the time being as I've heard numerous reports of it being used against people.

Hi All, I've been working hard to get my node statistics available to everyone, and I can happily announce its release today!

If I put myself in the shoes of a delegator, I would appreciate if the Stake Pool Operator provided their statistical data for me to sift though. Not only would I feel like I had more of a peek behind the curtain, but I could use those metrics to get a good understanding of how the pool operates, and how it's performance has been. On the Incentivised Testnet I did the same thing, and one of my large delegators actually reached out to me and asked me to explain why one of my nodes went down for four hours one evening. So he held me responsible which is the way pools should run in my opinion. I explained exactly what events had caused the downtime, and showed him what I had done to ensure the same thing wouldn't happen again, and he was more than happy with my response.

I'm personally a bit tired of seeing the same pool websites, wrapped in a different skin all proclaiming the same things...

"Run by IT proffesionals ✅"
"Layered Redundancy ✅"
"100% Uptime ✅"

etc etc. Is that what delegators want to see? Maybe.. but that's not my style. If I'm going to make bold claims, I'll do my best to back it up with real data.

So this is Node Metrics Version 1.0. Expect more metrics and visual improvements to follow. But it's a great foundation to start with, and I hope its of use to some of you.