September 4, 2020

Updates to the Stack

Updates to the Stack

Hey! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I started a new job recently and I've been extremely busy with that. Thankfully I've settled in to my new role and I can start focussing on creating content again.

LINUX/GOD pools are still yet to make a block on the Mainnet, our delegated stake is just too low unfortunately. It seems to me Twitter and YouTube are the platforms to market pools, so I'll need to make more of a presence on those platforms. I'm also open to partnering with ADA holders, once IOG has more to announce on the trusted hardware front.

That's not to say I've not been busy on my nodes though, quite the opposite. What little time I've had in the evenings I've been using to update my entire stack to something more manageable, and resourceful. For those who keep an eye on the node metrics I host for you all, you'll have noticed a period of transition, where unfortunately I was unable to keep our performance history metrics from epoch 211.

So without getting into the weeds, or divulging my setup to nefarious actors, I'll just post this quick update to let everyone know why the metrics have been reset, and why I've not been creating new posts. Everything is now consolidated, and my operating costs are much lower because of it. The transition was seamless and the Pools maintained uptime for the handover.

Now, it's time to get some stake delegated to us! I've put so much hard work into these nodes that I really do think I deserve some form of reward for it.